When you think of comfort in your Spotsylvania County, Virginia, home, chances are your mind doesn’t wander toward ductwork. It’s one of the most important aspects of your HVAC system. However, standard ductwork isn’t always ideal for your home, especially if your home has unique features. That’s why you should put some thought into getting custom ductwork. Custom ductwork allows air to flow unimpeded through your home while saving you space and energy.

Extra Space

If you have a basement, you know just how bulky and obtrusive your HVAC system and ductwork can be. Huge, boxy lengths of metal can dominate specific areas, leaving you with the daunting task of figuring out how to decorate around them. Fortunately, custom ductwork solves this problem. It provides the same airflow and comfort without taking up the space you need for other things.

Improved Efficiency

Typical ductwork comes in a standard size, but if your home has unique features, it can easily get pinched or shoved into place without a second thought. This could cause your ductwork to bend awkwardly, which can separate or loosen sections. The gaps created let air flow into the attic, crawl spaces, or other portions of your house that don’t need conditioned air, leaving your living spaces feeling too hot or too cold. Custom ductwork allows these areas to remain sealed, pushing air where you need it most.

Longer HVAC Life Span

When your ductwork isn’t properly sized, it puts unnecessary strain on your entire HVAC system. Because the treated air isn’t matching the demand of the thermostat, it continuously runs, aging your system at an accelerated rate. Custom ductwork eliminates the extra strain on your air conditioner and furnace, allowing them to last five years or even ten years longer.

With so many excellent benefits of custom ductwork, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about upgrading your home. Feel free to call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning today at (540) 602-4119 for your custom ductwork!

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