3 Ways Indoor Air Quality Affects Home Comfort

You want your Fredericksburg, Virginia, home to serve as an oasis for your family, but poor indoor air quality can make your home uncomfortable for everyone. From humidity issues to mold growth to unhealthy chemicals, discover three ways indoor air quality affects home comfort.

Harmful Chemicals

You might assume that most harmful chemicals enter your home’s air supply from the outdoors, but a surprising number of indoor household goods can affect your home’s indoor air quality. Products like furniture, carpet, and paint are often loaded with chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which off-gas into the air over the span of several years. Harsh cleaning products can also release VOCs, as can commercial air fresheners.

These chemicals can build up and cause uncomfortable respiratory problems. To limit your exposure to these chemicals, remove the offending products from your home and opt for more natural products instead.

Mold Growth

If you’re prone to allergies, you know that mold can trigger sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. When mold grows indoors, it’s nearly impossible to escape it.

To eliminate mold from your home, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning recommends investing in a CleanEffects air purification system. This device works with your HVAC system to clean the air throughout your home, removing nearly 100 percent of mold, bacteria, and other harmful particles from the air.

Humidity Issues

Humidity is no laughing matter in Fredericksburg, as high humidity can make hot summer days feel more uncomfortable than they already are. To get humidity under control, we recommend using a whole-home dehumidifier, which works hard to keep humidity stable in every room of your home. That means whether you’re in the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom, you’ll feel just right.

No matter what type of indoor air quality issues you’re dealing with, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning has the solution. Contact our team at (540) 602-4119 to learn more about our air cleaners, dehumidifiers, and other clean-air products.

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