As the warmer weather settles in and around Locust Grove, VA, you’ll need an air conditioner that’s in good condition. To make sure you’re prepared for the humid summer months, you should call technicians for a professional tune-up. Here are five reasons to schedule spring maintenance for your air conditioner.

1. Reduce Operating Expenses

The manufacturer designed your system to operate at a particular efficiency. Over time, that efficiency declines, increasing the strain on your system and driving up your operating costs. Spring maintenance keeps your efficiency high, reducing the strain on your system and keeping your utility and repair bills low.

2. Maintain Valid Warranty

Your system experiences a tremendous amount of strain when you neglect routine maintenance. This strain causes premature component failure. Many manufacturers require routine professional maintenance to keep their warranty valid.

3. Extend Service Life

While not maintaining your HVAC system can cause premature failure, the opposite is true as well. The average service life for an air conditioner is 10-15 years. With regular maintenance, you may see your system last well beyond that average.

4. Better Reliability

One of the headaches of an aging HVAC system is the inevitable breakdowns. These issues tend to happen during the hottest parts of the summer because of the additional strain the heat brings. Spring maintenance prepares your system to better handle the additional strain brought by the hotter temperatures.

5. Prevent Many Repairs

As your system ages, various components of your system may start to fail, requiring an AC repair. However, many of those failures result from the strain on your system from low airflow or a failing part. With routine maintenance, you reduce this preventable strain, minimizing repairs.

Keep your system running optimally with routine annual maintenance. Call to schedule your AC maintenance with our Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning team today.

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