A thermostat controls when your HVAC system kicks on and when it shuts off. If you’re having trouble with your HVAC system, sometimes it’s an issue with your thermostat rather than the system itself. Here are five signs that your Locust Grove, VA, home needs a new thermostat.

High Energy Bills

Unless you experience a heat spike in the summer or your power company raises its rates, your utility bills should remain fairly constant. However, if you’re noticing a rise in your power bills and can’t find the cause, your thermostat might be to blame.

Too Much Heat or Humidity

Not only does your air conditioning system keep you cool, but it also removes humidity from your home. The EPA states that you should keep the relative humidity in your home between 30% and 50%. If your home is too hot or too humid, despite your AC constantly running, and there’s nothing wrong with your HVAC system, then it might be time to replace your thermostat.

HVAC Running Constantly or Not Responding

One indication that you have an issue with your thermostat is if your HVAC system won’t turn off, even when you adjust the settings. Another sign is if you lower the settings for a cooler temperature, but your HVAC system doesn’t come on.

Inaccurate Display

Unless you don’t have a programmable thermostat, your thermostat should have a display. If you notice that it’s displaying the wrong temperature, is blank, or the buttons aren’t working, you need your thermostat repaired or replaced.

Outdated Thermostat

The typical service life of a thermostat is 10 years, after which they’re outdated and often start malfunctioning. A non-programmable thermostat, especially one with a needle, is outdated and inefficient. A new, programmable thermostat is far more efficient and boosts your indoor air quality.

If you think it’s time for a new thermostat, then now is the time to act. Contact us at Custom Design Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about the benefits of programmable thermostats, such as reminders about HVAC maintenance.

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