DIY Maintenance vs. Professional Tasks: How to Know the Difference

Taking care of the HVAC system in your Fredericksburg, Virginia, home can extend its lifespan and keep it operating more efficiently. Some maintenance tasks are easy to handle on your own, while others should be left in the hands of a skilled professional.

Light Cleaning

One of the maintenance tasks that you can handle on your end is light cleaning. Start by dusting or using a vacuum fitted with a soft brush attachment on the vents and registers to remove debris buildup. Dust and dirt can collect inside the ducts, causing some of the debris to spill out from the vent covers in your home.

Cleaning out the ducts is something that you should leave to a service technician. You can cause damage to the ductwork if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can also clean your outdoor unit. Leaves, grass clippings, and other outdoor debris can get trapped in the housing, decreasing the efficiency and causing moisture to build up within the walls. Trim trees and shrubs that grow too close to the unit.

Change the Filter

Another task that you can DIY is changing your furnace filter. The HVAC system moves air through a filter to trap small particles before they move into the unit. When a filter is too dirty or clogged, it can no longer remove the contaminants from the air, causing the system to overwork and use more energy. Additionally, a dirty filter can worsen the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

Annual Tune-up

Your HVAC system needs a tune-up about twice a year in preparation for the warmer and cooler seasons. A technician should perform this maintenance because it involves taking a deeper look at the unit and making sure all components are functioning properly. The technician will also test the airflow and make sure the system has plenty of refrigerant or fuel.

Schedule your annual tune-up with our HVAC service technicians at Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning by calling (540) 602-4119.

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