How to Ensure Your Furnace is Running Efficiently

The heating system in your Fredericksburg, Virginia, home works hard to keep you warm throughout the chilly winter season. With a few simple tasks, you can keep the furnace running efficiently throughout the coldest months of the year.

Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to make sure your furnace is running efficiently is to bring in a professional HVAC technician to perform routine maintenance before winter hits. Waiting until after the furnace has kicked on for the season can result in damage to an already struggling system, which could be expensive to repair. You could also waste money every month on higher bills because the system has to work harder to push heated air through the vents.

Instead, schedule your maintenance service in the early fall to beat the rush and make sure your furnace is ready for the temperature to drop. During service, your technician will inspect the system to ensure that all components are working properly. It also typically includes a tuneup and some light cleaning to remove dust and other debris from the moving parts.

DIY Tasks

Clean the area around the air vents to make sure the air can flow properly. If you have furniture or other large items blocking the vents or registers, move them away so each has at least a few inches of clearance. You can also replace your furnace filter every one to two months to keep the efficiency up and prevent dust and other debris from moving into the system.

Program the Thermostat

If you’re constantly making manual adjustments to the temperature in your home, you’re not letting the system run as efficiently as possible. When the weather starts to turn cold, take a few minutes to program your thermostat with a new schedule. Allow the temperature to drop when you’re asleep or away from home and set a comfortable option for when you’re there.

Schedule your heating system tune-up and maintenance with Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning by calling us at (540) 602-4119.

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