Hazards of Poorly Designed Ductwork

Your ducts play a crucial role in your Fredericksburg, VA home, transporting air from the heating and cooling systems into your living space. If you weren’t actively involved in your ductwork’s installation, it might not be as efficient or effective as it could be. Poorly designed ductwork can result in serious problems that you’ll need a professional to address.

Inefficient Airflow

For optimum energy efficiency, your ducts should have as few turns as possible. Air flows best when it can move in a straight line from one place to another. Though your ducts will inevitably crawl around some corners, a custom design professional can minimize these. Poorly designed ductwork might twist and curve so much that it seriously hampers air flow. Upgrading to a custom design fit for your home will help you get the best results possible.

Excess System Strain

Your HVAC system is not one-size-fits-all. Every component needs to be properly sized for your home, including the ductwork. If your ducts are too large, your system will run continuously in a futile attempt to maintain the proper temperature. If your ducts are too small, the furnace or air conditioner will sustain extra wear from the effort of trying to push air through passages that can’t accommodate it.

Air Leaks

Air leaks are common hazards with HVAC ductwork. This causes you to lose air that you’ve already heated or cooled before it even reaches your living space. This air loss also creates a vacuum in the home, causing the building to pull air in elsewhere. It will typically suck outside air in through cracks in the walls or poorly sealed windows and doors. With custom ducts, you can choose the proper material and make sure the ductwork is well-sealed and insulated.

If your ducts aren’t performing as they should, upgrading to a custom duct installation can make a dramatic difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home. Contact Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. at (540) 602-4119 to learn about our optimized ductwork solutions.

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