Heat Pump Efficiency Tips For When Temps Drop in Locust Grove, VA

Winter temps in Locust Grove, VA, dip below freezing at night. This, along with the occasional instance of blowing snow and high winds, leads to some frightful conditions that necessitate the need for a well-running heating system. Read on to learn tips to help keep your heat pump running as efficiently as possible.

Clean the Filter

Just like a furnace, a heat pump has a filter that needs cleaning about once every three months or more often if it’s in constant use. If you have lots of pet dander floating around or suffer from allergies, switching to monthly filter changes will help improve indoor air quality. Regular filter changes keep your heat pump running well and keep airflow steady, reducing repair risks.

Watch the Thermostat

Setting your thermostat to excessively high temperatures won’t make your heating system work any faster or more efficiently. Consider a programmable thermostat that allows your heat pump to begin working before you need it. That way, you can always come home to comfort. Keeping it set around 68 degrees will balance comfort and energy savings.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Home

If all the warmth your heat pump generates escapes from cracks and leaks in your home, it’ll work harder to make up for the loss, consuming more energy. Seal any area heat can escape from like under doors, around window frames and possibly your attic.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

An annual tuneup done by a professional HVAC service technician is your best defense against energy waste. This service consists of cleaning, minor adjustments and a thorough inspection of the system.

Having proper maintenance work done on your heat pump is the easiest way to prevent breakdowns and problems. Give us a call at Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning and set up your heating tuneup today!

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