My Heater is On, But My Home Feels Colder

If your Partlow, VA, home feels too cold, it means your heating system isn’t working as it should. Find out a few reasons why your home feels colder when the heater is on and what you should do to resolve the problem.

Broken Reversing Valve

Do you operate a heat pump to warm your house? The reversing valve on the refrigerant line changes the directional flow of the heat. A broken valve can affect both the heating and air conditioning components of your heat pump. Luckily, it usually only takes a few hours to replace it.

Faulty Thermostat Wiring

An HVAC service technician will check the thermostat for faulty wiring when your home feels cold. Faulty wiring blocks the connection between the thermostat and the heater. Your thermostat cannot send the signal to the heater that’s necessary to increase the temperature.

Fan is On

You can use the fan setting on your thermostat on hot and warm days. Using it on a cooler day will make your heater release air that will make certain areas of your house feel colder. A service technician will check this setting first and switch the fan to the auto setting to see if that resolves the problem.

Dirty Parts

A dirty filter could be another reason your home feels cold. Any particles trapped in the filter will limit the amount of heat that comes out of the heater. While you can change the filter yourself, you need a service technician to clean any other dirty areas of your heating system.

As temperatures in Partlow, VA, can dip below freezing in the winter, you need to maintain your heating system. Call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning today to get the heating solutions you need to stay warm for less this winter. We’ll ensure your home and family feels comfortable.

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