How Did My Ductwork in King George, VA, Get Damaged?

Damaged ductwork results in poor indoor air quality for homeowners in King George, VA. Without proper ventilation, your home will become uncomfortable and lead to respiratory health problems. The following are reasons your ductwork may have gotten damaged:

Poor Installation

Poor workmanship during the installation process could eventually lead to your ductwork getting damaged. It would be best if you got professionals in the HVAC industry to install your ducts. As a result, you’ll ensure the air circulating in your King George, VA, home is free from pollutants.

Inexperienced or unqualified individuals may fail to place your ductwork in the correct location. They may also connect it improperly, which can result in air leaks. Having qualified professionals do custom ductwork installation in your home in King George, VA, is a great way to ensure that your ducts get installed correctly according to your duct size and unique floorplan.

Wear and Tear

Over time, your ductwork will wear out and eventually start to sag. The sagging may be a result of old age, and you can fix this problem by installing a new ductwork system. A sagging ductwork system is weaker and less capable of handling the pressures generated by your HVAC system.

The ductwork will start to crumble and break, leading to dust in your home and dirt accumulating throughout your system. You can ensure your ductwork system serves you for a long time and prevent it from sagging by cleaning it regularly.

Improper Maintenance

Duct pipes are a significant part of your HVAC system, and you must maintain them regularly. While most people don’t realize it, dirt can clog the ducts present in your HVAC system and cause it to operate inefficiently.

This means that you will need to clean your ductwork regularly for it to effectively deliver an adequate amount of air to each room in your home. Ducts can become blocked with debris or dust when not cleaned regularly, which can restrict airflow. When there’s a blockage, air can’t get through properly, reducing the amount of clean air distributed.

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