If your air conditioning system breaks down during the summer in Fredericksburg, VA, everyone in your household will be uncomfortable until the repairs are completed. You can prevent emergency AC repairs by keeping your vents unblocked, addressing repairs head on, scheduling maintenance and cleaning your outdoor unit.

Never Block the Vents

As air moves from an air conditioning system into a home, it must exit the vents. You should never completely block them because blockages can strain the system.

Never Delay Repairs for Minor Problems

You should always resolve minor problems shortly after you discover them. Delaying them isn’t a smart strategy. Timely repairs, even for minor issues, can keep your system from developing major, costly problems down the road.

If your air conditioner has a minor problem, it will display some noticeable signs. For example, its overall cooling efficiency will gradually drop, and you’ll get a higher energy bill every month.

Maintain a Strict Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance can help you keep your air conditioning system in optimum shape. It’s highly recommended because some AC issues can only be discovered by conducting performance tests. Also, maintenance helps you save cash by preventing the need for expensive replacement parts and costly repairs.

Remove Debris Near the Outdoor Unit

The outside unit has vulnerable parts, so you must always remove twigs, leaves and grass before they cause damage. Twigs are a big threat because they can interfere with the fan as the fan spins during daily operations. To keep twigs and branches away from your unit, climb a ladder and trim all tree limbs that hang over or close to the outdoor unit before every major storm.

If you need maintenance for your AC system, contact Custom/Design Air Conditioning & Heating today. We also offer great AC repair services. We’re reliable and prompt during summer emergency air conditioning repair situations.

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