5 HVAC Tips to Remember While Working From Home

You may be one of the many professionals who recently started working from the comfort of home. With so much of your time spent indoors, it’s more important than ever to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently. These HVAC tips will help you stay comfortable and save money when working from home in Locust Grove, VA:

Utilize a Fan

Make sure to turn your office’s fan on to provide more healthy circulation. Constant fan use can lower your heating and cooling costs and improve your indoor comfort. You can invest in a small desk fan or a larger standing option.

Routinely Change Air Filters

You and your family need air that’s fresh and free of pollutants. Clogged air filters lower your indoor air quality and negatively impact your HVAC system’s efficiency. On average, you’ll need to replace or clean your air filters every one to three months.

Use Dust Cloths

Your desk and bookshelves can quickly accrue dust day after day. Keep a few microfiber dust cloths nearby to easily wipe away dust and sentiment that would otherwise decrease your air quality. Excessive airborne contaminants can cause sneezing, headaches, congestion and eye irritation.

Invest in Air Purifiers

An air purifier efficiently removes dander, pollen and microbial from your breathing air. Consider investing in a whole-home air purifier. These systems can also eliminate unpleasant odors and minimize the spread of germs.

Buy an HVAC Zoning System

If you’re the only one in the home during the day, there’s no need to keep every room at the same temperature. A zoning system allows you to utilize different temperature settings for various areas. Multi-zone ductless HVAC installations are perfect for this application.

If you’re working from home this winter, don’t forget these HVAC tips to stay comfortable and save money. Call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning for top-notch heating services in Locust Grove, VA.

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