Noises Your Furnace Should Never Make in Locust Grove, VA

It’s a cold night in Locust Grove, VA, and after tucking your kids into bed, you suddenly notice unusual sounds emanating from your basement. You decide to check if you have an intruder or perhaps a rodent — only to find out that it’s your furnace. What are some of these unusual noises that indicate your furnace is in trouble?

Screeching Noises

While your furnace emits some sound when running, it shouldn’t be noticeable enough to worry you. Screeching sounds definitely signify a problem with your furnace. Normally, these sounds are due to faulty motor bearing issues. A defective belt could also be the reason behind screeching sounds.


If you notice a loud rumbling noise after every cycle, your furnace might be wailing for attention. In most cases, it’s an indication of fuel combustion long after the burners shut down. Your HVAC technician in Locust Grove could also consider faulty flame sensors, pilot light and burners as possible issues.

Loud Banging and Popping Noises

When banging and popping noises are common and harmless, they mostly come from air ducts expanding and contracting at rapid frequencies. However, louder bangs and pops could indicate a malfunction involving the combustion process within the furnace.

Squealing Noises

A defective furnace blower motor is notorious for producing squealing noises. Another common cause for this particular kind of noise is a loose belt. You’ll need a professional to inspect your furnace and rectify the malfunction.

Repeated Clicking

It’s normal for your furnace to produce clicking sounds when a heat cycle resumes and stops. However, repeated clicking isn’t normal. It could be an indication of a problem within the control panel or compressor that requires an urgent repair.

Have you noticed that your furnace produces bizarre noises like the ones we mentioned above? Contact Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning, and we will inspect and repair your furnace. Our team will provide a suitable and long-lasting solution to silence those unusual and annoying noises.

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