5 Reasons to Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Bealeton, VA

Your HVAC system needs routine maintenance to heat and cool your home efficiently. Maintaining your HVAC system will also reduce its wear and tear. Consider these five reasons to invest in an HVAC maintenance agreement in Bealeton, VA:

Improve HVAC Efficiency

The primary reason to stay current on your maintenance is to keep your system running efficiently. You’ll immediately benefit from reduced utility costs while heating or cooling your home. However, improved efficiency also means less wear on your system, reducing the number of heating and AC repairs.

Priority Scheduling

If your system experiences an issue, you want to know that you won’t have to wait for days for a service call. Maintenance plans give you priority scheduling status, ensuring you get a quick response to any breakdowns.

Warranty Protection

An often overlooked benefit of routine HVAC maintenance is keeping your warranty valid. HVAC manufacturers understand how important maintenance is to reducing the wear on HVAC systems.

Without proper maintenance, your system will experience premature breakdowns. While manufacturers will stand behind a manufacturing failure, they won’t stand neglect.

Discover Problems Early

Like most mechanical systems, problems within an HVAC system compound over time. Small issues cause strain on other system components, causing them to wear more quickly as well.

As part of scheduled routine maintenance, your service technician executes a series of tests. This includes testing the system’s cooling cycle as well as individual components tests and refrigerant checks. Finding these small issues early is the underlying goal so that you can fix them before they cause additional damage.

Two Annual Visits

Finally, to keep your system running efficiently, it needs two annual cleanings: in the spring and fall. Therefore, to get the most benefit, your maintenance agreement comes with both visits. The spring visit focuses on your air conditioning, while the fall focuses on your heating.

Make sure your system is always running at its peak efficiency. Call the experts at Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning to sign up for your HVAC maintenance agreement today.

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