Signs Your Furnace Has a Cracked Heat Exchanger in King George, VA

If you suspect that your furnace in King George, VA, has a cracked heat exchanger, you might be right and should follow up to be safe. Faulty heat exchangers can have catastrophic outcomes for your family if not addressed immediately. Below are the signs of a cracked heat exchanger.

Yellow Furnace Flame

Normally, a gas furnace produces a blue flame when everything is in perfect working condition. Therefore, if a yellow flame is evident, the burner could be dirty, or a cracked heat exchanger could be the reason. Similarly, ensure your furnace maintains a steady blue flame; if it’s flickering, then something is amiss inside the furnace.

Excessive Soot

Soot accumulation inside your furnace results from excess carbon, which occurs when the furnace doesn’t burn the gas completely. Faulty burners are a common reason why the fuel fails to burn entirely. Also, a cracked heat exchanger will manifest similarly, leading to the production of more soot.

Strong Smell

If you notice strong, unpleasant smells in your house, the first culprit could be a cracked heat exchanger. The fumes are highly toxic when inhaled, and their smell resembles that of formaldehyde. When detected, turn the furnace off, and immediately seek a professional furnace contractor to remedy the situation to protect your family from the hazardous fumes.

Corrosion and Visible cracks

If you notice the external furnace components have excess rust and visible cracks, the chances are that the wear and tear have also extended to the heat exchanger causing it to crack. Stress cracks are common due to the expansion and contraction during the furnace heating or cooling processes. Corrosion occurs when the furnace is exposed to fumes containing chloride or moisture.

If your furnace has any of the above signs, contact Custom /Design Heating and Air Conditioning today to get trusted heating repairs or heating installation services.

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