4 Tips for Decreasing Cooling Costs in Caroline, VA

This summer, as you run your air conditioner to stay comfortable in Caroline, VA, you’ll see an expected rise in your monthly bill. That said, you don’t have to resign yourself to constantly climbing costs. Below are four tips for keeping cooling costs down, letting you stay comfortable without having to break the bank.

Keep a Clean Filter

Air filters have the important job of trapping pollutants; this prevents airborne contaminants from impacting your system and can help improve your indoor air quality. However, filters themselves become a hindrance to airflow when they clog, which is why they need replacing approximately every 90 days. Though professional maintenance often includes filter replacement, it’s important to replace your filter yourself when needed.

Clean Around the Compressor

The heat absorbed from your home needs a way out of your home, and if leaves or overgrown bushes block the compressor, it won’t find it. Rather, that heat will return to your home, which can actually end up damaging your air conditioner. Avoid this waste of energy by trimming those bushes and sweeping away the leaves.

Avoid Heat-Generating Activities

Could your AC system be running constantly, not because of the overall climate, but because of something you’re doing? For example, using the oven and running the dryer will generate heat inside your home. Try to minimize these activities during the hottest parts of the day. Consider grilling outside for dinner or hang-drying your clothes if you need to wash them during the day.

Seal Cracks and Insulate the Walls

Your doors and windows can present cracks through which all your cool air can easily escape. With caulking, vinyl strips or another material, you can seal these. Also, have a professional come over and determine if you need more insulation in the walls and attic.

Guaranteeing 100% Customer Satisfaction

Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning can handle your yearly tuneup and perform any AC repair you need to maintain energy-efficient performance. Call us today for an appointment in Caroline, VA, or the surrounding area. Family-owned and operated since 1982, our company can tackle any project large or small with most major brands of air conditioners.

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