When to Use Your HVAC Thermostat’s Fan Mode

While they’re powerful devices, newer and more advanced thermostats have many different features and settings that sometimes confuse homeowners. One particular setting many people often have questions about is a thermostat’s fan mode. Here’s when to use your HVAC thermostat’s fan mode in your Fredericksburg, VA, home so you can maximize comfort and energy savings.

What’s Your HVAC Thermostat’s Fan Mode?

Your thermostat’s fan setting controls the blower in your home’s HVAC system. This part of the system circulates air throughout your home until indoor temperatures reach the level indicated on your thermostat. The thermostat’s fan setting has two basic modes: ON and AUTO.

ON mode means the system’s fan will run constantly; AUTO mode means it’ll only run when heating or cooling is explicitly required. In most thermostats and HVAC systems, AUTO mode is the default setting since it uses less energy. However, there are some circumstances where it makes more sense to use ON mode.

If Outdoor Temperatures Are Ideal

Whenever it’s either boiling or freezing outside, your HVAC system will constantly cycle to keep indoor temperatures as cool or warm as you like. In this case, AUTO and ON modes will be functionally indistinguishable. However, when the weather outdoors happens to be ideal, your HVAC system won’t need to constantly work to manipulate temperatures.

In such a case, air will not filter through your home, leading to the emergence of a stale and stuffy atmosphere. Switching your thermostat’s fan mode to ON may be required to counteract this and freshen up the ambiance.

If Your Indoor Air Quality Is Poor

To improve your home’s IAQ, reputable HVAC companies recommend purchasing devices like air cleaners and purifiers. While we certainly offer indoor air quality services and products, you should remember that putting your thermostat’s fan setting to ON can also clean your air.

The variations of your thermostat’s fan mode may not always be important, but they can work wonders in certain difficult situations. You should know how to use these modes to get the most out of your thermostat. If you want to take your indoor comfort experience in Fredericksburg, VA, to the next level in all areas, call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning to request our HVAC services.

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