Why Heat Pumps in Locust Grove, VA, Short-Cycle

Short-cycling refers to a situation where a heat pump turns on and off multiple times. Multiple heat pump issues can contribute to short-cycling. We will explain why heat pumps in Locust Grove, VA, start short-cycling and what to about it.

Oversized Heat Pumps

An oversized heat pump is too powerful for your house’s temperature regulation needs. The heat pump heats or cools your home too fast and shuts down before completing a cycle.

As a result, it doesn’t distribute temperatures evenly in your house. It turns on again, runs for a short time and shuts down. Your heat pump consumes the most energy when starting up.

Therefore, your energy bill will go up if your heat pump turns on more often than usual. Consider doing away with an oversized heat pump and installing a correctly sized one.

Blocked Air Filter

An air filter catches contaminants circulating in your indoor air. These contaminants build up on the filter and restrict air from entering your heat pump. Poor airflow causes your heat pump to short-cycle.

Consider cleaning your air filter often if you use a reusable one. If you can’t reuse your air filter, consider changing it after two to three months.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat may not efficiently relay your temperature preferences to the heat pump, causing the system to turn on and off frequently. A qualified service technician can check whether the device wiring is in good condition, the fuse has blown or the batteries are in good condition.

Refrigerant Is Leaking

A refrigerant moves heat from your house to the environment or from the environment to your home, depending on the season. Holes on the refrigerant lines may cause the fluid to leak, making the heat pump struggle to transfer heat, causing short-cycling.

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