Poor indoor air quality can lead to a dirty house, bad smells, and even illness. Indoor UV light purifiers are just one of the tools you can use to improve the indoor air quality of your Fredericksburg, Virginia, house.

Removes Biological Growth

Biological growth can exist all around and in your house. It can aggravate your allergies and reduce your overall indoor air quality. A UV light purifier can remove biological growth and stop it from ever developing inside your home. This can help you and your family prevent illnesses.

Removes Bad Smell

UV light purifiers can also be used to eliminate bad smells within the home. When odorous particles remain in the air for too long, it can cause lingering smells that are difficult to get rid of. The UV air purifier works to neutralize these particles, giving you a fresh and clean smelling home. In addition to smell, UV purifiers can also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning. When there are fewer air particles, you will also find that there are less dust and debris.

Less HVAC Maintenance

In addition to routine preventive maintenance, your HVAC unit also requires that you regularly change out its air filters. Failing to do so can reduce the efficiency of your unit, leading to expensive repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners get busy and forget to complete this important step. With a UV air purifier, there is no need for air filters. Instead of changing out filters every couple of months, you only need to change out the light bulb every few years. This can result in improved efficiency and fewer repairs.

UV air filters can offer many advantages including eliminating bad smells and improving the air quality in the home. Call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning today at (540) 602-4119 to discuss how a UV light purifier can improve the air quality of your house.

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