Most Common AC Repairs and How to Avoid Them

The summertime temperatures in Fredericksburg, Virginia, often get well into the high 80s. Going even a day without air conditioning will put you in an unbearable situation. Both older and newer AC systems need regular maintenance to operate with optimal efficiency. Plus, a well-maintained air conditioner improves your indoor comfort. Frozen evaporator coils, premature wear on parts, and clogged air filters are three common AC repairs that homeowners encounter.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

As the refrigerant moves throughout the AC, it goes through an evaporator. The function of this component is to expel heat, which causes the evaporator to become extremely cool. Sometimes, the evaporator coils become so cold they freeze. Frozen evaporator coils hinder the efficiency of the air conditioner’s ability to move heat from inside your house to the outdoor air. This leads to poor indoor comfort and higher cooling expenses. If you notice the air conditioner freezing up, turn it off and have it fixed as soon as possible to prevent potential damage.

Premature Wear on Parts

HVAC maintenance keeps all parts working as they should. Even a single part not functioning properly can damage the whole cooling system. During a maintenance session, a technician will inspect the system to identify and repair damaged parts. This keeps other parts from wearing out and optimizes the efficiency of the AC system. The outdoor condenser coils, blower and motor, and return and supply lines are the parts that tend to wear out the quickest.

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter reduces airflow and can potentially cause your AC to freeze up. It puts unnecessary pressure on the system and reduces indoor air quality. It’s important to change the filter any time it’s dirty. You can check it by holding it up and seeing if any light passes through. If you don’t see any light, go ahead and change it.

The easiest way to avoid common AC repairs is to schedule regular AC maintenance. Call Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning at (540) 602-4119 to schedule your next air conditioning maintenance session.

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