3 Times to Use the “On” Setting on Your Thermostat

You’ve probably noticed the “on” setting on your thermostat in your Fredericksburg, Virginia, home, but didn’t know its purpose. Although the “auto” setting is typically the best choice for efficiency, you may want to use the on setting in some cases.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Using the on setting instead of the auto setting means air continuously circulates through your home. If you have concerns about your air quality or your air seems a little stale, the on setting will help to keep the air moving. Since the air has to go through a filter, it will help refresh the air, remove bacteria, and improve your indoor air quality. Just beware that whenever you have the system set to on instead of auto, you risk driving up your utility bills. If you have a continuous indoor air quality issue, you should look at more long-term fixes such as installing air cleaners.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

You can help prevent uneven heating and cooling by running the air conditioner constantly instead of having it set to auto. With constant air circulation, you’re more likely to feel an even cooling throughout your home during the summer. If you notice hot and cold spots in your home, keep in mind that there are other solutions you might want to explore—like improving your insulation and ensuring all your air vents are open.

Remove Dust

If you notice a lot of dust settling in your home, running your HVAC’S fan can help. Set the thermostat to on. The system running continuously will circulate the dust through the filter and prevent a buildup of dust and other contaminants. You can also use a magnetic duster to help pick up the excess debris. Leaky ducts can also cause problems with excessive dust. We offer custom ductwork to repair any cracks or leaks.

If you have questions about your HVAC system and your thermostat, we are the people to call. Contact Custom Design Heating & Air at (540) 602-4119 to schedule an appointment for service today.

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