Keeping your Fredericksburg, Virginia, home energy efficient while ensuring it remains at a comfortable temperature is of the utmost importance. You can help your system run more efficiently and keep your home at the temperature you want by installing a smart thermostat in your home. There are many benefits of installing a smart thermostat such as improving both the efficiency and comfort of your HVAC system.

Has the Ability to Control Your Temperature Remotely

Smart thermostats have the ability to be controlled through an app on your smart device. This means that anywhere you have Wi-Fi access, you have the ability to change the temperature or the program of your thermostat from your device. You can lower the temperature when you are away from work and turn it back up from your device before you return home.

Allows You to Save Energy

With smart thermostats controlling the energy use in your home, you can enjoy a lower carbon footprint and lower monthly utility bills. By being able to control the temperature when you are away from home, you will only be able to use energy when you need it.

Additionally, many of the smart thermostats available on the market are designed to track energy usage and let you see where your energy dollars are being spent. Some thermostats are even equipped to learn your habits and make adjustments to save you energy while maintaining comfort.

Provides You With Useful Reminders

Smart thermostats are designed to make your life easier. Some will come with additional features to help you optimize your energy use. These may include notifications for when maintenance is needed.

Find out how a smart thermostat can benefit the comfort and energy efficiency in your home by contacting Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning at (540) 602-4119 today.

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