Air Conditioning

Many factors can affect your air conditioner’s performance, and when you need air conditioning repair, it is important to have the right company on your side.


We don’t just provide you with systems and services; we make sure understand your role in home safety and in increasing the efficiency of your heating system.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you know that indoor air quality is linked to your health? Many people think of air conditioning only regarding heating and cooling.

Quality Air Conditioning & Heating Repair in Fredericksburg, VA and Surrounding Areas

Heating and cooling our homes today is easy. So easy, in fact, that we rarely give any thought to the processes. However, our heating and cooling devices deserve more attention as neglecting them can end up being quite costly. Failure to take care of the HVAC system includes:

  • Not cleaning air filters
  • Skipping routine maintenance
  • Ignoring obvious needs for repair
  • Neglecting the outdoor unit
  • Incorrect thermostat programming

Your HVAC system is a valuable an investment that can yield many years of great performance with the right care. A neglected system will result in problems such as:

  • Difficulty heating and cooling your home
  • Inconsistent performance
  • More dust and debris in your home
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Increased allergic reactions, respiratory and other illnesses
  • Noisy components
  • Higher energy bills
  • The need for early replacement

If you are concerned that taking care of your heating and cooling systems is expensive or time-consuming, consider that you will lose more without regular upkeep. Working with the right HVAC company will make a difference in how you view air conditioning repair and maintenance. Custom/Design can take care of all your HVAC needs in Fredericksburg, King George, Caroline, and Locust Grove, Virginia.

Why Choose Custom/Design

Flat Rate Pricing

flat rate pricing

No surprise fees when we install or service your HVAC systems. Flat rate pricing allows you to budget appropriately.

Backed by Guarantee

flat rate pricing

Rest easy knowing that your new Trane HVAC system is backed up by our 100% Performance guarantee.

Family Owned for 35 Years

We understand how important your family’s comfort is, because we are family. We’ve been operating in Fredericksburg since 1982.

Custom/Design Is Your Partner in Heating and Cooling Comfort

You Can Always Count on Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning

Whether you need air conditioning or heating repair, heating or cooling systems or preventive maintenance, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning will provide top-notch service. You can trust that our technicians are trained to provide the best service for your equipment.

We also know that character is important to you. We thoroughly vet all our service members by performing extensive background checks. All our technicians have to be certified and knowledgeable in all relevant areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We wouldn’t send anyone to you that we wouldn’t trust to be professional and honest. Our technicians represent our company, and we value our reputation.

Make it Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning when you need expert and reliable air conditioning service. We work hard for your comfort and satisfaction.

At Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning, we approach air conditioning service as a partnership with our clients. We have to work together to get the most from your air conditioning systems. We will provide all the necessary services and help you to understand what it takes to optimize air conditioning in your home for increased comfort and savings.

Many homeowners might not know how to care for heating and cooling systems. It is far more than turning the switch to “cool” in summer, “heat” in winter and further manipulating the thermostat. Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning will provide the necessary expertise to help our customers understand how to increase heating and cooling performance and maximize the life of their HVAC system.

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